Demand more from builders!

In our frenzied market where people are lining up for the "privelage" of buying a new home, builders are getting away with delivering old style renovations that do not take advantage of modern building technology. If you are claiming to be selling a renovated house as 'good as a new home,' then where are the modern advances in technology? 


Like, for example, energy efficiency (, sound and fire insulation, breathable homes, recycled building materials. 


So many builders and renovators (flippers) are earning premium prices for average quality, so why don't they deliver a premium product?


Being able to recognize the difference between a quality renovation and "lipstick on a pig" is one of the biggest reasons having an experienced Realtor working for you is so very important.


I have that experience and I am always happy to help you, your friends and your family with all of your Real Estate needs and questions. 

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